Grocery & Farmer’s Market Tour


Grocery Store Trips and Farmer’s Market Tours tours are available to help you navigate your way.

When trying to transition to a healthier lifestyle, it can be really overwhelming.  I remember the feeling like yesterday.

When I cut gluten out of my life, I had no idea where to start.  Gluten was hidden in so many foods, including spices and condiments!

One night, my husband entered the kitchen to find me crying and cursing over the stove.  I was upset, with tears falling into the food  because I didn’t know which spices I could or couldn’t use.  The only seasonings that I felt safe using were salt and pepper.

Thinking back, I laugh, but in the moment it was upsetting and I remember feeling completely helpless and sad.

You don’t need to feel the way that I did.

We can go shopping together where I will teach you to read and understand food labels, as well as utilize a good grocery app and skills to make shopping streamlined and easy.


Grocery and Farmer’s Market tours are included into my

6 Month Re-set Program for Mama’s and Families.

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